Chinese Guqin 21-string Cakunmik brand | It has the best finishes today!

And we don’t just mean a single finish. For the same price, you will have the possibility of even enjoying 5 different finishes, a particularity present only in the sale of this model

For something in the headline of this product says that it is an “ideal gift for birthdays.” They are not going badly taking into account the different options to choose in terms of design, something that with this product is rare that we can do it. With this range it will be an exception

Its irresistible value, the type of elements used in each of the parts of this qin and its large stock are just some of the assets that endorse it, and also for the customers. Then don’t move from here!

What are the main characteristics of this 21-string Chinese qin?

Its many strings are the most striking of all the pieces that it has with it, but there are many more. These are:

  • The body coating: All of it is made up of a solid wood only used in mid- range, mid-high range and high-range guqins This element, accompanied by the chain eyes embedded in the interior of this prototype, allow the emission of a fine and precise sound, no canned or hollowed sound worthy of the lower qins ranges.
  • The finish of the strings: Made up of a nylon wire capable of withstanding each of the thrusts that you will make with your fingers when you touch it. With this model you will have the option to change it, something that you will not be able to do in other lower-end and more accessible prices.
  • The upholstery present in the outermost part: We are not referring to the body as such, something already commented, but to a kind of lined that prevents anti-slippage and more than one problem. His name is called “Lankao” and is present only in this model

Cakunmik’s Best Upper-Mid-Range Guqin Offer of 2021

What benefits will obtaining this 21-string guqin model give me?

It seems that the details that it has printed, both inside and outside, are few, since we comment few characteristics but we include those that we consider most important for us and for many clients when buying it. The padding that it has and the fineness with which it is made allows it to give it that particular finish and sound

Even some of its elements have passed through an oven. No, it’s not to be eaten, haha. It is only used for the molding of the body that this model of qin has, which is slightly curved. Up to 5 designs, differentiated from each other by more or less saturated colors and different patterns on the top of the strings, are the available options that you have to choose from. An option to take into account if you are one of those who style is not only on the inside, but on the outside

What if we tell you that all this you are able to get covered by an exclusive guarantee present from the store that sells us this range of qin at cost 0 ? Yes, as you hear. As you well know, this detail is a right of every buyer, but in this case it becomes even more important if possible since this product comes outside of European territory and the shipping options, as well as the possible price to pay, change slightly.

Why buy this range of guqin with Cakunmik seal in our online store?

Indeed so it happens. We do not want to be heavy, but avoiding scares is something that is in your hands and in the hands of us. Our goal is to be transparent and with this fact believe us that we already are. Before revealing what we mean, you should know that acquiring this guqin model will be possible without moving from where you are, directly on this page

How did we do it? Working expressly with Amazon. So you can be sure that having in your hands this medium-high-end qin awarded from the guqins standard online store will be a fact.You will tell us about it yourself!

As discussed above, investigate if you are going to have to pay an extra amount of money when you arrive in your territory, regardless of the country where you live. If you know what customs taxes are, you will know what we mean. Otherwise, contact us 😉