Chinese guqin 7-string MYRCLMY brand | One of the best value for money high-end qins of 2021!

If you are looking for the best in guqins at the best price, you have come to the right place. There are only a few months that this model has been on sale and it has come to become a super success in sales

Its handmade body, the use of materials not used in lower-range qins and the exquisite sound it emits, are some of the strengths that endorse it and make it one of the most tops on the market.

Are you ready to find out what this model of qin brings us that others in its segment do not have and what it will mean for you to have a high-class guqin in your hands? Then don’t miss this article!

What are the main features of the high-end 7-string guqin?

Although it uses elements similar to those used in other models, the ones used here are unique. Which are? These:

  • The upholstery of the body: With a purely handmade print, it makes us come across an authentic guqin and as God intended, worthy of being used by the most demanding users or those who have high experience in playing the instrument. As a result, we will have a shiny body with a beautiful matte finish
  • A new finish on the strings: Much thinner, easier to play and easier to replace with other replacement strings thanks to the use of a much more modern and not archaic variant of nylon as used in lower class ranges of guqins. Each of the strings is adapted based on the scales of the musical notes, which, as you know, range from the highest to the lowest
  • One of the most resistant: We should make a separate mention of this detail because not only on the outside this prototype has the best of the best, in the entrails it uses an old fir wood that ensures a solidity and durability of years, something fundamental when you spend a significant amount of money
  • Complete set of accessories from guqins: Just as you read! With this model you will have free access to all essential elements for both beginners and experts, especially the most inexperienced. A book to learn the first skills of the instrument, a tuner, a cloth to clean it or an anti-slip mat are some of the things that you will acquire at cost 0 if you decide on this range

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What will you have with this high-end guqin model that others can’t give you?

This is important. We all know that when we pay one amount or another of money, all this must be justified and evidenced with clear and concise arguments. The first thing to note that the pack of this product includes and that others do not have, and that you will have to buy separately, is the set of accessories that it has

It is clear, we are going to pay more than normal and the manufacturer could not fall short, neither in the design of this guqin, nor in what was included. This set is the most complete on the market. If we had to put a problem, it would be that it does not include a professional protective cover, but in that there is no problem. You can buy some for a great price

Other things where we win is in durability, and not only because of the material that this range of qin is made of, it is also because of the guarantee, which is more extensive than many of the lower ranges guqins. It always happens in instruments at more expensive costs, the manufacturer, aware that we disburse an amount that not everyone is willing to assume, fixes and retouches these aspects to win over the client from the first moment

Why buy MYRCLMY professional Chinese guqin prototype from our online store?

Not only will you get one of the most recent qins and tops of today, but also, you will do it from the online store No. 1 of guqins, obviously us, and directly from our provider, which is none other than Amazon

Security in the purchase process, pre-receipt and post-receipt service of the enviable order and even the possibility of acquiring it through financing, for those who want the best and do not have a loose budget for now, are some of the ace in the sleeve that the American giant pulls out of the chistorra to win over the customer

Before you add it to the cart, please inquire whether this high-end Chinese guqin model is going to have to pay customs tax. The cost of this guqin is not as cheap as other models and we do not want you to get an unexpected surprise …