Chinese Guqin 7-String Brand Yunzhi Hengwei Music Instruments | A three for one and no more is said!

A somewhat strange headline according to the place where you just landed, but it was inevitable to do so … Its design in an exclusive wood that you will discover below, which is one of the most demanded today and its accessible price, make it a 100% recommended qin model for any user, be it experienced or novice

That is why we use that expression more typical of sales than anything else, but come on, here for winning you do not earn just three at the price of one, but many more. You will see it yourself when you discover the main features of this model and what additional packs it includes

Do you want to know? Well, don’t move because we will tell you everything:

What are the main features of the 7-string Chinese guqin model?

Large and “bully”. This is why this Chinese 7-string qin stands out:

  • The singular clad of the guqin. It is what stands out the most about this model. Its manufacture in an aged wood called Paulownia, combined with elements of a natural shrub called catalpa, make this range one of the most robust and durable finishes over time
  • The finish of the pegs. Culminated by the use of a rosewood wood widely used in luxurious products that are inaccessible by many. In other words, with this qin we will have some high-end detail at an accessible cost, in addition to that it will continue to offer us that resistance so important in this type of product
  • Its nylon ropes: With this element, the resistance and tranquility of each of the ropes are assured. This type of synthetic filament is one of the most used and recommended by manufacturers of string instruments. This prototype was not going to be less
  • Scratch resistant. Apparently we told you something that has already been said ad nauseam, but a special section had to be dedicated: whenever you collaborate, you will keep this archetype of guqin with a certain spotlessness thanks to the fact that it was painted with black paint as such and mixed with deer horn powder, everything in order to protect the armor or outermost layer of the instrument
  • A two for one in additional packs! It’s not just what we get with the flagship product, but everything it brings with it: a wonderful set of nylon strings and a professional guqin protective sleeve included. There is nothing! With this model you will also get rid of those setbacks that may arise sooner or later.

Guqin’s Best Offer of 2021 with Yunzhi Seal

What are the advantages of having this range of Chinese guqin from Yunzhi?

This particular model occupies top positions in the online search engine that we all know, Google. This already gives us a clue that many customers end up satisfied with the acquisition of this guqin model. And be careful, not only in an online search engine, in the online store where it is for sale it is also very visible

We are not surprised, everything that the instrument itself gives us in terms of finishes and features, the free gifts that the manufacturer gives us and all this for a value of less than € 300… You cannot give more for less. If you are a beginner or an expert in playing this instrument and you do not know which range to buy, do not hesitate to get this one

Come directly from China has the particular benefit that the export of any product in this country to a European or Latin American country to cheaper costs the total amount to be paid, but behind we have other things we discussed you down and you must to know

Why buy this qin model from the Chinese brand Yunzhi in our online store?

First of all, we must tell you that the qin offer you see on this page comes from the most important online store on the net: Amazon. She and we work, each one for their own, so you can rest assured that from here you can do the whole process quickly and at risk 0

Now, before you add it to the cart and enter the required data, find out in detail what are the customs taxes required in the country where you live, since it varies in each place. It is very important that you know this, otherwise you will be forced to pay an amount of money that, perhaps, you will not have…