Yanshan brand high-end guqin professional protective case | The best wrap for your Chinese qin today!

Your guqin that you just have in your hands or that you are already days away from enjoying it does not deserve to be taken here and there outdoors, it does not even deserve to rest at home with nothing to protect it against common phenomena such as humidity, dust or a possible fall

Are you a 1 in 100,000 or a “sheep” as most are? If you really want to stand out from the rest, if you really want to protect your qin, what better way than to do it with a professional packaging that will solve all your expectations from the first moment

Do you want to know more about the characteristics that it has and what juicy things it has with it that you want, even more if possible, to make us with it? If you have thought yes, stay here and show us that you really haven’t moved from this place

What are the main features of Yanshan’s high-end stamped packaging?

This cover has a special feature that we were about to tell you about , but that you will have to keep reading to find out what it is. Some of the most relevant characteristics are these:

  • The lining fabric: Made with a proprietary Oxford fabric , widely used in protective covers of many international instruments, it makes us realize from the outset that we are in front of a first-class wrap. Thanks to the presence of carbon fiber elements, waterproofing is ensured
  • Padding inside: Or in other words, shock absorbers that will act as a suspension in case the guqin suffers an unforeseen fall. This element, present between the black stitching and the main lining fabric, is only present in high-class protective cases
  • The mixture of different grip handles: With this model of protective cover you can not only protect your guqin but also protect it with style by wearing it as a briefcase or resting on your shoulder, just like carrying a bag. With the types of finishes in a circle that it has on one of the sides, you can leave it on the floor without worrying about the fabric getting dirty
  • Heterogeneity of colors! This range of professional wrapping is available not only in a khaki color, as you will see on the cover below, you also have it available in black, brown, less opaque black and a kind of gold . Modernity in its purest form!

Best Offer of 2021 of the high-end professional lining of the Chinese brand Yanshan

mejores oferas funda protectora profesional de guqin marca yanshan

What did having this model of guqin protective cover gain in my hands compared to other covers in the segment?

The first is in benefits. The pocket located at the bottom will allow us to store accessories that can come in handy at any time, as well as the footrest or tug on the side, which is only present in high-quality cases.

Another detail that differs from the segment is the availability of acquiring it in up to 6 different shades, all at the same cost. With this model we also ensure a durability over time that is superior to the majority of chainstays available on the market.

The dimensions of this protective sleeve will fit most guqins on the market. So if you have a higher or lower-end qin and larger or smaller dimensions, this case will suit you perfectly.

Why buy the multi-color high-class protective case in our online store?

Style, precious, compact, persistent over time, immediate stock … There are many factors that make us foresee why this case is one of the most demanded on the market. You just have to see the place it occupies on Amazon, in the specific category dedicated to the search for guqin, to realize what we are telling you. If it has cost you little to find it, it is a fact that it is very sold

By the way, we work with Amazon, in case you were wondering if you could buy your high-end Yanshan protective case from our online site. IMPORTANT: Contact the seller or find out on your own if you are going to have to assume possible customs tax expenses Given the price for which this protective case is for sale, it is possible that this is the case

Many stores do not report something obvious and then many customers, through the comments about the product, more than one is surprised that they had to pay extra money. We are transparent and we don’t want that to happen to you, so as the saying goes: “he who warns is not a traitor”